Terms of service ("tos")is a legally binding agreement between a service provider and a person who wants to use that service .any computer software utilised to supply the services ,any modification thereto,the assosiated media ,any printed documents and any online or electronic documentation are all included in the services.youaffirm that you have read and understood this TOS and that youagree to be bound by it before using the services in anyway .if you don't  agree or do not wish to become a party to the tos ,then do not access the services.

A term of services agreement typically contains sections pertaining to one or more of the following topic 

⦁     A governing law clause will inform users which laws govern the agreement 
⦁    a termination clause will inform user that any accounts on your website and mobile apps are users access to your website app can be terminated in case of abuse or at your sole discreation
⦁    a link to other website clause will inform users that you are not responsible for any third party websites that you link to
⦁    an intellectual property clause will inform users that the contents ,logo,other visual media you created in your proprty and is protected by laws
⦁    suspenstion and termination services
⦁    privacy policy outlined the use of personal data
⦁    user rights and responsiblity 
⦁    user guidelines (rules,restrictions,requirements)
⦁    payment terms such as membership ,subscription ,fee ,cancelling services or subscriptions,refunds.
⦁    disclaimer /limitation of liablity clarifying the sites 
⦁    legal liablity for damage incursed by the user 
⦁    user notification up on modification of terms ,if offered

Terms and condiion of marketing purposes

⦁    licences ;both the parties grant royality -free licence to use each others trade mark ,logos and produce during the terms of contract 
⦁    reporting :within days of a new calendar month,both parties will provide an overview of the data gained during the previous month
⦁    payment terms :both parties agrees to pay invoices
⦁    governing laws :both parties agree to adhere to all statutary regulation 
⦁    best efforts:both parties agree tocomply with the terms of this agreement to the best of their ablities
⦁    non exclusivity:both parties acknowlege the nonexclusivity of the contract arrangment.

Terms and conditions for software
⦁    intectual property rights in the software.the parties acknowledge  and agree that the clients will hold intellectual property rights in the software including ,but no limited to,copyright and trademark rights.
⦁    devolper warrenties:under this agreement are not in violation of any other agreement that the devolper has another party 
⦁    in demnification:the devolper agrees to indemnify ,defend and protect the client from and against all law suits and cost of every kind pertaining to thesoftware including resonable legal safe
⦁    confidentiality:devolper shall not disclose to any third party the business of the client ,details regarding the software ,including any information regarding the software code,the specification,or the client business
⦁    compensation:the client shall pay the company at the fee billed under the hourly rate shall be due and payable upon the devolper providing the client with an invoice 
⦁    delivery:the software shall function in accordance with the specification on or before the delivery date
⦁    devolpers duties:the client hereby engages the devolper and the devolper agrees to be engaged by the clients to devolp the software in accordance with the secification attached .

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