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Privacy and Security is one of most important factor in this modern life. Everyone wants to browse in safe and secured way. You can not attract your customer if you fail to make them feel safe while browsing your site. No one wants to browse a site which has a scary ‘Not Secured’ sign in front of it’s url.

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Flexfog Digital is one of the leading SSL/TLS Certificate providers in London, UK!

So, whether you have a simple business website displaying your company information or a e-Commerce trading website offering online sales and purchase, you must have a SSL certificate for your website so that your customers, users feel safe browsing. That’s why, today an SSL/TLS certificate is one of the most essential and must have option for any individual or organization website.
This is another reason The Internet Search Giant Google has been campaigning and trying for “HTTPS Everywhere” by setting up penalties for sites that do not have any SSL / TLS certificate at all. Very soon, all websites without SSL will be marked as ‘Not Safe’ by Google Chrome, the most popular internet browser on earth. So whether you are taking online payment or not, whether you have few users or million users you must have SSL certificate.
When there are many types of SSL Certificates in the market, sometimes it might be daunting and confusing which one best suits for you. Some SSL Certificates are expensive while others are cheap. But definitely you don’t want to lose certain type of your business potentiality by buying cheap SSL for saving only few bucks. Again if you do not require expensive SSL, it just does not make sense to waste extra money if you just want to show/display the safe ‘https’ link in front of your website.
Flexfog Digital is one of the leading SSL certificate providers in UK and specialzing in this cyber security sector for long. Choosing and buying a SSL certificate just got easier at Flexfog. Here in Flexfog we analyse your business requirements, nature and object of your website and we can guide you choosing a best SSL for you.

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