Remarketing is a smart way to connect visitors with your website, who may or not have made an immediate purchase or enquiry. It allows us to position relevant ads in front of distinct audiences as they browse the Internet elsewhere.

The benefits
  • Reach people who have previously visited the website • Keep your website at the front and at the center of target audiences minds • Utilize cookie pools to run specific campaigns i.e. targeting those that have taken a specific action/s on the website (or not) • Show visitors ads that are tailored to them, based on the specific sections of your site they visited • Tactical remarketing, create remarketing lists i.e. view of a key page, brochure downloads, etc.
Remarketing, or targeting consumers who have already visited your website, is becoming an important part of brands’ digital marketing strategies. It is so powerful because it allows marketers the opportunity to continue the conversation.

Remarketing, the specific ad targeting of consumers who have previously visited a business’s website, is one powerful way these insights are being used in brands’ digital marketing strategies.




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